Daily Reprieve Group

The Daily Reprieve Group meets each morning in Cape Cod Area.

A Home Group member sent in this note (slightly edited):

The meeting began the first day of Phase 3 and has met every day up to this point (August 26, 2020). There are a number of trusted servants. Concerning attendance: attendance can vary, from as few 4 people … during the week it tends to cap at 10 people maximum, weekends can bring 15 and on a very rare¬†occasion upwards of 20. The chairs are social distanced and proper signage is displayed. We are following all social distancing protocols, including masks, and utilizing the social distancing checklist provided by our Area’s Public Relations subcommittee. There is hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and other items to help follow the protocol. This also includes a contingency plan if the meeting exceeds allotted capacity.