Hospitals & Institutions

A strong and stable Regional H&I subcommittee can provide the guidance and direction that Area H&I subcommittees need when facing unfamiliar or problematic situations.

To be able to do this, it is essential to get the Area H&I subcommittees involved with the Regional H&I subcommittee. Together we can do what alone we can not.

The subcommittee at this level serves as a pooling place for Area experience, provides a communications link between NAWS and Area levels, and may perform certain support and outreach projects.

The Areas that make up the New England Region of Narcotics Anonymous are: Boston, Cape Cod, Central MA,¬†Greater Providence, Greater Worcester, Martha’s Vineyard, Metro West, Nantucket Island, Northeast MA, Southeast MA, South Shore, Pioneer Valley, and Western MA.

Hospitals & Institutions – Service and the NA Member (PDF)

NA Handbook – Hospitals & Institutions (PDF)

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