Keys to Freedom Group

The Keys to Freedom Group on Sunday night in Plymouth welcomes you to their meeting.

Keys to Freedom Group of NA is meeting inside our location.
Maximum number of people allowed in the building is 25 people.
If we start exceeding that amount as a group we’ve come to the solution of rotating out group members to make room for the newer people showing up.
We spread out the chairs six feet apart. We do ask they not be moved. Also, we sanitize all of the chairs before and after the meeting.
We also wipe down/sanitize the readings, as well as key tags after every meeting.
We also sanitize the bathroom before and after the meeting.
Masks MUST be worn the ENTIRE duration of the meeting and throughout the building. (Even while sitting)
We ask everyone stays socially distancing while talking before or after the meeting.
There is sanitizer available at the door. We do have masks available if someone does not have one