Literature Committee

As your New England Regional Service Literature Committee, we hope to serve you, the members, groups, and Areas of the New England Region. Suggestions for use of this link for fostering our Primary Purpose in the form of electronic media i.e., topic discussions, poems, stories, etc. are most welcomed. Please forward your suggestions to Email Literature Committee.

Clear communication of the NA message of recovery is a vital function of our fellowship-approved literature. Over many years a process has been developing that makes our literature unique. Through the open involvement of our entire fellowship in all facets of material input, review, and approval of NA literature, we are preserving the idea upon which NA was founded: one addict can best understand and help another addict.

All NA members are welcome to share their experience, strength and hope in written form. There is no clean time requirement to participate in the process because all addicts have something to contribute to our literature. Creative writing is an important aspect of working on input and review-form literature. Critical analysis and creative input are equally valued.

NA literature is written by addicts, for addicts, and is based on individual members’ experience with recovery. The unique quality of our literature is a result of the spiritual experience that occurs when as many members as possible participate in the process.

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