RWSC Guidelines

Guidelines for Online Website

Maintained by the New England Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous Website Subcommittee.
Revision 10, June, 2018

These guidelines have been adopted by the NERSC upon recommendation of the Website Subcommittee as a statement of purpose and principle for the regional website.

Purpose: Our purpose in putting information on the Internet is to make information about Narcotics Anonymous in the New England Region of NA available to the general public including addicts, those interested in recovery, and professionals.

The New England Region of NA currently comprises Massachusetts and Rhode Island. At one time it included five of the six New England states and even parts of Canada. Due to the growth of NA, the original New England Region has subdivided several times but, for historical reasons, the original name of our region has remained unchanged.

The website is the immediate responsibility of the Subcommittee, which is accountable to the New England Regional Service Committee. The guiding principles are our Twelve Traditions, acknowledgment of the primary purpose of NA groups, these guidelines, and guidelines from the World Service Office about online information. Actual work on the web pages is carried out by this Subcommittee. At least one member of the committee should have sufficient technical knowledge to service and maintain the Website so that the information available therein is accurate and so that the website remains functioning efficiently, useful to the RSC and in keeping with the principles of anonymity and attraction rather than promotion.
In the case there is no sufficient technical knowledge available we may employ a special worker with the approval of the RSC. Every effort will made by the current RWSC to complete any task before a special worker is contracted. The chair or a member delegated will work closely with the special worker to maintain these guidelines and ensure they are followed.

We recognize that online information is not necessarily accessible to everyone. Therefore we will attempt to make online information useful for the broadest possible audience by doing the following:
1. Print the URL address of our WEB Page on our meeting lists;
2. Endeavor to make the website online content accessible to all browser software by avoiding technology that is not widely available.
3. In such cases where graphics are used, the same information needs to be reproduced in a text format, in an endeavor to be accessible to all browsers and their versions.
4. In the construction of the web pages, the alternative text field should always contain a description of the content, making all the information of each web page accessible to people with disability technology.
5. As the content of the web pages is intended to be accessible to a wide range of browser software, there should be no reference to software companies or their technology.
6. The website will accept no advertising.
7. All United States and international copyright laws or other intellectual property laws will be complied with. We may, in accordance with current NAWS suggested online guidelines, use the words Narcotics Anonymous, the stylized initials NA, appearing alone, within a single or double circle, or as part of any other graphic; and the circle-diamond symbol, which are registered trademarks of Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (Refer to F.I.P.T. document #1 for more information.)

The website may contain the phone numbers of help-lines, hotlines, and NA service offices, and email addresses belonging to the New England Region of NA, and any other links to area or regional websites of Narcotics Anonymous. Any non-NA links approved specifically by the RWSC after consideration of the 6th Tradition may be listed with appropriate language indicating non-affiliation.

The Website Subcommittee will establish a journal, of emails & passwords. This will be the private property of the Regional Service Committee and will be kept in a password protected file in a secure location for use only by the core group of the website subcommittee, which shall be at least the RWSC Chair.

Contents: The web page will contain at least the following:
1. Meeting schedules for NA groups belonging to the New England Region;
2. A link to the World Service Office of Narcotics Anonymous, <a href=””>NA World Services</a>.
3. An E-mail link for sending messages to the Region
4. These guidelines;
5. Graphics at the discretion of the Website Subcommittee.
6. Help-line phone numbers within the New England Region.
7. A mechanism for online requests to change, add, or delete events.
8. A mechanism for online requests to change, add or delete meetings.
9. Address and location of next Regional Service Committee meeting.
10. Links to member Areas of New England Region if they request it.
11. Information concerning New England Regional Convention.
It will be the responsibility of any subcommittees with mailboxes to check and respond to any legitimate email and to store such email for a reasonable period of time. All email that is directed to the info box shall be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate subcommittee(s) mailbox by the Website Subcommittee at least weekly.

It will be the responsibility of the chairperson to ensure that all incoming subcommittee chairpersons & executive committee members are given login info & are made aware of the responsibility to maintain each email box. It will also be the responsibility of the chairperson to ensure the checking of all email boxes which may include answering such emails accordingly where subcommittee chairperson and/or executive committee members are absent.

It will be the chairperson’s responsibility to carry out all duties as cited in our NERSC Policy ARTICLE XI Duties of Officers Section 1 Chairperson.
It will be the responsibility of the chairperson to perform and/or delegate to subcommittee members the following duties:
1) Meeting List:
a) For revisions submitted via the meeting update form (Adding new, editing existing, deleting where applicable)
b) The website Subcommittee shall make available to each Area a BMLT login they can give to trusted servant(s) of their choosing to add new, edit existing, or delete meetings,.
2) Events:
a) For revisions submitted via the Event Submission Form (Adding new, editing existing, deleting where applicable)
b) The website Subcommittee shall make available to each Area a WordPress login they can give to trusted servant(s) of their choosing to add new, edit existing, or delete events. Note: they can also use this login to edit their Area page.
3) User Accounts:
a) In general, NA members do not need logins to submit meeting or event information. They can submit it via forms.
b) New users may be given WordPress and/or BMLT logins with appropriate levels of privilege to carry out their duties.
c) Logins of members of the website subcommittee will be given only to trustworthy NA members
You may contact the Website Subcommittee at: – General Contact

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