Stepping Out Group

The Stepping Out Group that meets Monday in South East Massachusetts Area has reopened. The GSR, Michael R., sent in the following (slightly edited):

We meet in a church. It is required by most recent (as of August 14, 2020) governor rules that 10 ppl are allowed inside. Masks or face coverings must be worn. The room is set up with seating socially distanced. In coordination with the Church, we are required to bleach the chairs and tables in the area the chairs are set up in before and after the meeting. Windows are to be open. In the event we have more ppl attending than we able to safety sit inside,our meeting has a parking lot right out the window. Some advice from the Massachusetts Chapter was to have a group member take the 11th person out side in the parking lot and read with them the step we are on so they have the benefit of hearing the step. Also the speaker has an area they can sit that is at window level allowing the parking lot and room to hear their experience, strength, and hope as it relates to their personal experience. If need be we could meet outside or have up to 10 ppl in the parking lot or on the manicured lawn at the Church with the ability to have 25 ppl safely attend there. The group provides clean bagged surgical 3-layer masks, disinfectant wipes, and previously sanitized Green&Gold step books. The church provides hand sanitizer throughout the space: entrance, bathrooms, meeting room, etc. Also the Church is very up to date with Massachusetts laws and we will advise, as they seem to frequently change. We are wheelchair accessible.